Bottom Line The Air-Gap is always a top performer, and it looks cooler, Jan 17, 2003 · Joe, the Torker 289 was a good intake manifold. ford's 390fe engine gets attention. Apr 26, 2002 · pparaska . - Off-Idle-5500rpm - Adv. . Your engine may not necessarily come with all components listed, but they are listed as our recommendations of parts to run for optimal performance. Oct 12, 2011 · Differences In Power - Edelbrock’s RPM Vs. Aug 17, 2012 · I really don't no which carburetor spacer to go with for my Chevy 383 Stroker. Small Block Ford Engines Catalog #s 2121, 3721, 3723, 7121, 7521 & 75213 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ® PLEASE study these instructions carefully before beginning this installation. Sell or Port Edelbrock Performer EFI? Edelbrock EFI Intakes: Performer vs. So if the port size and heads flow the same how can the say the E-Street is for Idle-5500 rpm and the Performer RPM from 1500-6500 rpm? So where did they cut corners to save the $422 for the E-Street over the Performer RPM? Aluminum Cylinder Heads - Chrysler - Big-Block - E-Street - Edelbrock, LLC. For high-performance street and competition, our dual-plane design makes outstanding power from 1500 to 6500 rpm. Among many of his first priorities, Jim was responsible for reviving the Action-Plus line of manifolds, the sort of the lesser kno wn (okay forgotten) alternative to the Performer in the idle- to-5000 rpm class. Load spreader tabs distribute the clamping force Edelbrock 3721 Performer 260/289/302 Intake Manifold Capri LTD Mustang Cast EGR. I want to know what are the Pros and Cons which would give me more "Horsepower,more Torque and Mid rang power", Between these three Hamburger carburetor Spacers 1 or 2 inch 4 hole carb spacers Part#3211 & #3212 VS a 1 0r 2 inch Open carb spacers Part#3201& #3202 VS a 1 or 2 inch Dual Plane Carb Spacers Part#3219 5. Domestic Vs. The bare version will come with valve guides and seats. Oct 27, 2013 · I have noticed that the aluminum Edelbrock Performer 289 intake manifold looks identical to the stock 1960s Ford cast iron intake manifold. 5 out of 5 stars 6 product ratings 6 product ratings - Edelbrock 7121 Performer RPM 302 Dual Plane Intake Manifold Ford 289/302 Find Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifolds 2121 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Edelbrock Performer intake manifolds are low-rise, dual-plane designs with patented runner tuning and a 180 degree firing order that you won't find with the competition. Most modern Edelbrock models are clearly identified with the name (“Torker AMC”, etc. Have a 1405 (600 cfm) on my nearly stock 318 (340 cam and performer intake, 4 speed, 2. My son did back to back dyno pulls on a 347 they just built for a customer with two different intakes. FORD INTAKES: 3 EDL-7501 SBC Edlebrock Performer RPM Airgap (SBC) 210 CFM 235 CFM 308 CFM 320 CFM. > > The Performers greatest benefits seem to be at 3000 and 4500 RPM. I've built and tuned more Ford's with Holleys then I can count, and the Edelbrock Performer, Torker II(or if you are getting a newer manifold the Air Gap) and Holley carb combination will wake that engine up like you won't believe. This seems to be a pretty consistant gain. It's comparable to the Performer RPM,(as Dave already pointed out) only difference is it's an "unequal runner length" design where the RPM is an equal length. I had a 383 with a 268 cam and 10. Edelbrock vs Trick Flow Heads???? I was told to go with either the 1. Coast Guard safety standards. 0 289 302 1406 cam camaro carburetor chevy e-street efi ford fuel pump intake intake manifold nitrous performer pro flo rpm supercharger tbi Red - Red Edelbrock Performer 1406 Pdf User Manuals. until 6000 RPM, where the Vic started to pick up, and the RPM started to sign off. 56 (or 3. 60/1. i. Of course it's going to be bored 30 over and use flat top pistons. Discussion in 'Cars in General' started by ghsnu, Jun 25, 2012. 70 at 109. EDELBROCK PERFORMER RPM AIR GAP MANIFOLD FORD WINDSOR 289- 302 BLACK ED75213. ShoerFast, are saying my engine is not going to have good low end torque?? If that's what you're saying you quite obviously know nothing about Small Block Chevy Stroker Motors. The runners were definitely redesigned as well. It even says so in some of the earlier Ford Motorsport catalogs. Int/Exh - Valve Lift 0. The next test was a straight A-B comparison between the stock intake manifold and an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake. Stroke Analysis; The ratio between the connecting rod length and the stroke length of a motor greatly affects the way it performs, and how long it lasts. Also go with a 600cfm carb should give you the best of economy and performance, 500 is fine for a stock motor but will limit it you in the long run-I actually run a 750 but mine is not a daily driver. Performer-Plus Camshafts match Performer Manifolds for vehicles operating from off-idle to 5500 RPM. Ford Cylinder Heads - Ford 351 Windsor Aluminum Heads, Assembled, at GREAT Prices, Selection, Customer Service, and Low Shipping Rates All From COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE The least expensive online catalog for all your Intake 302 needs. Rebuilt Engines - Rebuilt Engine kits are freely available in the marketplace . I ran the Torker 289 back in the late 80's on a stock 302 with a "Crane Compu Cam 2040" stock 69 windsor heads, shorty headers, 650dblpump holley. Although you can buy a version of this head with 170cc intake runners, we decided to feature the version with 190cc runners. Intake Flow Numbers. Find Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder Heads 60259 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! These Edelbrock Performer RPM aluminum cylinder heads feature threaded inserts in the rocker studs and exhaust manifold bolt holes for superior strength and durability. From the cross-over point at about 5,000 rpm the race manifold went on to make up to 26hp more. the RPM. 5" (9cm), making Jun 25, 2012 · Question on upgrading a 289. It would easily support a 7K+ redline but needs allot of gear. Look at the flow path of the Performer vs. The Air-gap is a newer design. POWERHOUSE has thousands of stock and high performance parts for cars and trucks. If I take a 600cfm Edelbrock Performer carb, put it on an open 2" spacer, with multiple gaskets at the bottom to keep the heat from going into the carb, and put in on a dual plane Performer 289 intake, will the "open" of the spacer affect performance on the "dual plane" of the intake? Edelbrock's Performer RPM Air-Gap intake manifolds incorporate race-winning technology that's been used on Victor series competition intakes for years. ) cast into the upper surface . After considering all the literature and reports I could find, I opted for the Weiand Stealth for my FRPP 392 stroker (351W Sportsman II block). Idle-5500 RPM Power! Performer manifolds are dual-plane, low-rise intake manifolds with a 180° firing order and a patented runner design that delivers outstanding performance. 7121. Smith cautions not to rely solely on intake runner length and plenum size for rpm range. Im personally running a set of 289 heads that I port matched the exhaust to the gasket. 750" for the same 130# seat pressure - no shims required. A one stop shop for all your engine rebuilding, customizing and racing needs from safety equipment to timing and set up gear. Owner Troy Bowen used his over 15 years of engine building experience and got in touch with the industry leaders to come up with a engine combination that would make 550+ hp Thanks. The bigger intake runners on the Performer RPM or Stealth will slow down the velocity trying to feed the small intake ports on the stock iron 289 heads. The performer is old tech, inefficient, but because its a cork above 5000, people say "it must be good for low end" It isnt good for anything. 0 HO (650 cfm carb,stock heads,roller cam. hopefully upgrading intake to an air gap or at least Performer RPM or something similar manifold, Edelbrock Performer 650 carb. Probably not a great choice for the street but they do look COOL! I selected a Wieand Stealth edelbrock performer 289 (non-egr) manifold for ford 260- 289- 302 v8- black powder coated finish - 21213 Our Price: $349. Since 1938, Edelbrock has manufactured its core products in the USA for quality & performance. 7 at PERFORMER SERIES CARBURETORS - 750 CFM - ELECTRIC CHOKE, MARINE - For use with Edelbrock Performer RPM and Torker II manifolds and others of similar design in marine applications. The Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake Manifold is the network of passages that direct air or air-fuel mixture from the throttle body to the intake ports in the cylinder head. Interesting thread. that test was swapping a performer RPM for a victor JR at the track, but the #300-36 holley intake is a good one. Need to get it on the car (has a 401)anyone know what the weight difference is between the aluminum part, and the stock OEM one? Buy a 1968 Oldsmobile 442 Camshaft at discount prices. Easily identified by the divided plenum, dual-plane intakes also offer good idle quality and low-rpm torque. Jan 20, 2007 · Edelbrock touts it as a better power/flow intake. Chevy 350 Engine - The Chevy 350, beats out many other domestic engines in the . Edelbrock 7121 Performer RPM 302 Dual Plane Intake Manifold Ford 289/302 (Fits: Shelby Cobra) 4. The next intake was the Edelbrock Performer RPM which produced 541hp @ 5400 rpm and 591 lb ft @ 4000 rpm. We wanted to The F4B is still being sold but now it's back under Ford's name brand as the A321. Thanks in advance. Choose top quality brands Competition Cams, Edelbrock, Melling. and went 12. My car has an Edelbrock performer carb and intake, headers, and Accel super coil. 5:1 engine, detailing the hands-on quality and care that goes into every new Edelbrock Crate Engine. 0 Engine Power Ratings and is clearly designed to produce more torque at lower rpm. Lots of past threads on this topic. The runners look exactly alike, but the carburetor mounting pad is more narrow on the Edelbrock. PERFORMER RPM E-BOSS 302 (1500-6500 RPM) With the Performer RPM E-Boss 302 manifold # 7129, you can build a mock Boss engine by using a standard 302 block and Edelbrock Performer RPM Cleveland cylinder heads #61699. Third on our list are the Edelbrock Performer RPM heads. the heads were untouched 9175s. PERFORMER RPM CLEVOR FEATURES: Direct bolt-on for Windsor blocks including the 289-302 and 351W, allowing the creation of "Mock Boss" 302 or 351 "Clevor" Ford engines; Features the desirable Boss 302 adjustable 7/16" stud and guideplate configuration; Match with Edelbrock Performer RPM E-Boss manifolds for edelbrock performer rpm heads roller rockers 1. I rarely go past 4000 RPM, so the Performer does the job. choosing the right intake for you motor can be tricky. Order this Edelbrock Performer Aluminum Intake Manifold for your 4-Barrel Carbureted 289 or 302 Engine from CJ Pony Parts! This is a stock replacement and street legal intake manifold for classic Mustangs powered by 289/302 engines with OEM 4V carburetor. finishes available are vintage like this or the new black powder coat. com. These manifolds also deliver improved 302 heads, Edelbrock RPM vs AFR 165 . All of the Performer series heads are made with stainless steel swirl-polished valves, hardened steel guide plates, retainers and valve springs. Jul 01, 2002 · Edelbrock Performer rpmThe Performer RPM two-planes have been among the most successful Edelbrock intakes of all time. EFI Cars should have our Stage 2 Trick Flow Track Heat or a Stage 2 ported Edelbrock Performer RPM 2 for a good flowing head/intake combination, CARBURETOR Cars should use a port matched Edelbrock 1 RENEGADE CLASS OVERVIEW Renegade is a heads-up small tire class designed for American Ford production vehicles. > > The F4Bs greatest benefit is above 4750 RPM with a noticeable 30. Leaned the carb up a bit. According to Haynes repair manual, a 67 289 should be set to 6 degrees of advanced timing. Could you give me some advice regarding these sizes please. Ford V8s without EGR. Add Us To Your Favorite Sellers All Items See our eBay store for more great items >> Shop Categories A/C Compressor / Brackets Air Cleaners / Filters Alternators /Pulleys/ Brackets ARP Battery Clamp Set Ups Bearings Braided Hose Braided Hose clamps Brake Conversion Kits Brakes / Boosters Camshafts Car Horns The Edelbrock Performer RPM cylinder head is a nice upgrade for small-block Fords. New Ford Edlebrock 351W SBF Alum. This will all be combined with an MSD ignition system, Edelbrock Performer Cam and either an Edelbrock 1406 carb or a Q-Jet 750 cfm, both of which I already have sitting in garage. I have a Performer RPM on my 289, and noticed that the Stealth is significantly taller - although there may be a difference between the Edels for 289 and 351W. For around $1,200, you can improve airflow, raise compression, and boost power with a pair of Performer RPM heads. 4. The Chevy version might not be as bad. lots of the early Z28 guys said the #300-36 worked better than the factory Z28 intake. high-performance-engines. 95. PERFORMER RPM™ CYLINDER HEADS. 3L, but their headers have very small primaries and are going to limit top-end power. The world's absolute lowest prices since 1985. My question is would it be worth the 189 bucks to upgrade to an Edelbrock Performer Intake. would also like to know what intake to use on a 91 5. Their larger plenums and runners match the free-flowing exhaust, high-lift cams and other modifications of a high output engine. Performer RPM. Compression was 10. New Listing Edelbrock Performer RPM Ford Small Block 260 289 302 Intake Manifold, 7121. I bet the Performer RPM will be up on power for the vast majority of a 2,000-5,000 rpm pull. 48 at 111 That cam would only redline around the 5800-6200max rpm range. With the full un-notched septum of the regular Performer manifold it should work even better. Please  Order this Edelbrock Performer Aluminum Intake Manifold for your 4-Barrel Carbureted 289 or 302 Engine from CJ Pony Parts! This is a Made In The USA; RPM Range Up To 5500RPM; Excellent Throttle Response; Satin Finish. Obviously you need to try it in the car to see how that transfers to "in vehicle" performance. S. Both are decent intakes, I have the Performer 289 on my high 12 second 302 Fairmont, although the Stealth may be a bit stonger powerwise, I believe it is also a bit taller, which may cause hood fitting issues. It was going in a truck not a street car. 4 WP-061040 SBC World Products - Motown Shop for discount Edelbrock parts at Parts Geek. 60/2. Jul 30, 2012 · Dual-plane intake manifolds, like Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifolds, deliver excellent power from idle through the 5,500 rpm range. 90 performers or the 1. HELP PLEASE The Ford Racing intake is simply an Edelbrock Performer RPM made for Ford. 289/302 DUAL PLANE INTAKE MANIFOLD M-9424-F302 Retail $235. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > (Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap will also work) Silvester V8 Performance has a proud history supplying American V8 performance engine parts and racing equipment for the NZ market for over 40 years. 95 Designed for street 260-289-302 c. > > An interesting final note is that the F4B never hit the maximum HP the > Performer did (233. B, C, D. 0:1 with Apr 23, 2004 · The Performer RPM's low end was as much as 35 lbs. Best carburetor for this manifold is the Holley 4150 double-pumper. 00 so the performer RPM is the one to buy? with a stock motor with a slight buildup plans in the future, And is it a dual port desighn like the old offie dual port 360 ?, i had one on a 289 and had cut the runners back about an inch to help with induced secondary flow, it worked realy well, great low end tq and had plenty of flow at the top end POWERHOUSE has thousands of stock and high performance parts for cars and trucks. heads. If you look at the performer 289 next to the performer 302, they are not the same. From what a Holley guy told me, a Performer RPM or Weiand Stealth give up virtually nothing at low-to mid RPM to the low rise Performer manifold in a 350 or larger small block. A 385 cubic inch engine (4. Edelbrock is a state-of-the-art manufacturing corporation, with seven locations in California covering over 500,000 square feet of space, with a solid foundation rooted in the past and a vision for the future. Ford V8s for high-performance use. Weiand's older Stealth was a "mirror image" of these intakes with the runner layout reversed. Performer and Performer RPM Intake Manifolds For Small Block Chevrolet Engines. This patented design greatly improves torque over a wide rpm range for excellent throttle response, especially off-idle through the mid-range. your ecm is expecting specific vacuum, cam timing etc signals as per the old cam and system. 4 HP difference. See our Intake manifolds - Ford. Edelbrock Performer-Plus Camshaft Kit 2103 View the Full List of Automotive Applications Follow along as we build this 435 hp Performer RPM E-Tec 9. $238. 99 $289. I put a victor Jr. I'm not going to do any other upgrades this year asides from heads and have mac 1 5/8 shorties as the only other upgrades. 7L with 4-barrel square bore Carburetor Mounting with Stock configuration Cylinder Head with Ford Small Block Windsor Engine 1965, Performer® RPM Dual Plane Intake Manifold by Edelbrock®. most Performer RPM combinations seem to benefit from an open 1" spacer by around 10 horsepower. the RPM ranges that the manufactures claim are estimtates at best, get you in the ball park. From what I know, Edelbrock stopped producing the Torker 289 around the mid 80's. The Performer RPM manifoldis ATK HP11 Ford 351W Base Engine 385HP, Call 866-721-2315 to Speak with an ATK Crate Engine Specialist. They can also be used with the company’s Torker-Plus cam packages, which produce more power on the top end of the RPM range. I also don't want to flycut the pistons. 02 trickflows. If you go you go the low rise route, I'd suggest a Performer EPS over the older Performer. Edelbrock Ford Small Block V8 Intake Manifolds in-stock with same-day shipping. According to Edelbrock, this manifold is an evolution of the famed FB4 intake that was rebranded for the Shelby version of the ’65 Mustang. V8’s. Ford (Windsor) 260/289/302/351w. 8/351W) - Edelbrock Performer or Performer RPM? - I'm about to start a rebuild on the original 302 in my truck. Aluminum heads conduct and carry heat better than iron heads. The manifolds were often tested in port matched or internally ported form, leading to over 50 different intake manifold configurations. a cat back doesn't effect this as it is after all the emissions systems but before them they can actually cause it to perform weaker. up on the race manifold. The Torquer 289 had awesome mid and top end performance but was a little soft on the bottom. Edelbrock Performer and Performer RPM intake manifolds. No, I don't mean the EGR hole. What you get from this manifold is peak torque in the 4,500- to 5,500-rpm range and peak horsepower from 6,000 rpm up. The Edelbrock E-Street cylinder heads offer American made quality and affordable performance. Performer and Performer RPM Intake Manifolds For 260-302 c. $302. This is a street/strip manifold designed for high- RPM use at 3,000 to 8,000 rpm, which is where it lives. BUT THE GUYS HERE ARE CORRECT THERES NOT ALOT TO BE GAINED BY SWAPPING TO THE HOLLEY INTAKE FROM THE EDELBROCK RPM. The distance from the intake valve to the port opening is 3. Jun 27, 2009 · And the 3" mains that the 351 comes with result in a crank that weighs more (rotational weight increase is a parasitic loss) and cause oil shear issues at high rpm. Tuned it with a narrow band O2 sensor. Well, you got your wish with this build of a 550 hp 408ci small block Ford by Ford Performance Solutions featuring Edelbrock Victor Jr. F865xx Add I for Individual fl anges Add “T Edelbrock Performer RPM F866xx F86715 2. These are a step up from the E-Series heads for those of you who need more performance. Thus, the best intake for a 355, flat tappet 2 barrel car that weighs 3,200 pounds and sees a maximum or 6000 rpm is not the best intake for a 406, 4 barrel and a roller cam running 7,400 rpm. The RPM Air-Gap gave the engine a 28 HP gain up top over the 289 Performer. Asides from the new heads everything will stay stock for this year. 25 trak-loc. Ford Mustang 4. The dyno carb was a 600 holley dp (not 4776), My 750 made a couple more hp and tq down low but nosed over sooner. your computer reads the signals and adjusts for changes not always for the good I'm also running a Performer on my LPG 351, but a number of forum users recon the Weiand X-celerator is a much better choice. Personally I like the look of the RPM. The really hi-po 351's are set up to run smaller mains to solve that issue. For a stock 289, 500 cfm is more than large enough. It's horrible and is nothing more than an old stock small block Ford design in aluminum. On it and 750dbl pump and went 12. The dual-plane design offers good throttle response with excellent top-end power for the street. The low end off the line wasn't great, but it really started to come alive in the mid to higher RPM range. 750" stroke) using 170cc intake runner Vortec heads (known to make great low end torque) with a dual plain intake using the mild cam I'm using is going to make a lot of low en and a 600cfm 1405 edelbrock performer carb with a 1 inch open spacer now for the question, how much hp am I killing by running a performer eps manifold as opposed to the performer rpm ? I have both intakes, i run the performer eps because it's endurashined and it looks *****, while the rpm is just natural aluminum Sep 29, 2011 · the question is are you planning on flashing the computer to go with the changes. Sep 14, 2012 · Smaller plenums, like those in a dual-plane manifold, do well in the lower rpm range while larger plenums, like the single plane manifolds, tend to boost the top end of the rpm range. Has anybody done back to back dyno comparisons on these two intakes? Looking for some actual numbers rather than butt dyno experience. Edelbrock's Performer RPM Air-Gap intake manifolds incorporate race-winning technology that's been used on Victor series competition  4 Nov 2018 Edelbrock's Patented Dual-plane, low-rise design with a 180-degree firing order greatly improves torque over a wide rpm range for excellent throttle response from off-idle through 5500rpm. I suppose it depends what your rev range is. I would not at all be surprised if it was as good or better from idle up. 350 Cubic Inches, 5. Never tried the performer 289 on the dyno. www. Air-Gap Is There a Difference in Power? See all 1 photos. Wanting to find Edelbrock Marine online? Locate Edelbrock Marine on sale right here with the biggest selection of Edelbrock Marine anywhere online. Stage 2 Competition Porting is designed for 289-357 cubic inch engines in the 3000-7000 RPM range depending on the application, Street or Strip. the edelbrock is the 289 performer while the holley weiand intake is the low profile street warrior. The RPM was the power champ of the two-plane intakes by a solid margin Feb 26, 2007 · . '62 Fairlane (3500lbs) 302/stock heads with new springs and roller tip rockers, right now I have the Edelbrock Performer 289 intake. d. The runners look more like an RPM than a P289, it's just not a hi-rise plenum. 020" intake valves, 1. The 289 Performer was a good street manifold but it did run out of breath in the 6000 RPM range. 30 Oct 2006 The Stealth is a higher rpm manifold than the Performer. They updated the design, that is why you now have the Torker II's. Obsolete Edelbrock V8 Intake Manifolds: The following Table shows Edelbrock V8 intake manifolds going back to the late 1950s, sorted by engine type. 6 ratio edelbrock performer rpm cam edelbrock performer rpm intake (i believe hooker headers) 1. For a carb, I'd go for a Holley. 2101 Automobile Parts pdf manual download. They also feature hardened seats, bronze valve guides, and fully machined valve cover rails for a more consistent Sep 27, 2019 · I used the f4b intake, removed divider with a 1" open spacer. Jun 26, 2007 · Equipped with the Performer RPM Air Gap dual-quad intake and matching 500-cfm Edelbrock carbs, Jesse's 406-inch street small-block produced 406 hp at 5300 rpm and 470 lb-ft of torque at 3900 rpm The Performer series carb is a squarebore carb, as is your typical Holley. Provides crisp throttle response. much or more than a new Performer or Performer RPM and rightfully so. 9 gear ratio rear. Do to its efficient/fuel economy design, customers can encounter a lean condition that may be challenging to resolve. The Performer works well on stock engines, but the Stealth is better for mild engines. 040" bore x 3. Windsor D0VE large valve heads, Performer RPM manifold, Voodoo 227/233 cam, Holley 950 HP carb, C6 trans, 3. 351. -ft. Most installations can be accomplished with common tools and procedures. In every case, the RPM made almost as much low RPM Tq as the Performer, and more of both TQ and HP then the Vic Jr. Performer RPM series aluminum heads are for non-emissions applications and mirror the Performer series heads in size of runners, valves and intake chamber size. He said he got another 5 or 6 HP out of it later with additional tuning. Even with these parts, the car still had very noticeable flat spots in its power delivery and generally wasn’t running right. Edelbrock is the most respected name in performance. C4 w/shift kit. Complies with U. An Edelbrock carb is a little wider and won't have as much of a problem, but you still won't seal it up completely without that plate. It's noteworthy that those who swapped out stock for a P302 noticed an improvement. Has anyone switched from a regular RPM to an Air-Gap and thought it was worth while? I am building up an Edelbrock package (heads/RPM Cam) and need to buy the intake now, not sure if the extra $100 or so is worth it for an Air-Gap. 3. The dual-plane Performer RPM Air Gap manifold is an ideal choice for a street/strip performance build. 5 to 1 comp and I had called Edelbrock and asked them which manifold to use. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Edelbrock 7121 Performer RPM Manifold Fit Ford 289-302w V8 at the best online prices at eBay! Multiple pulls were made with each intake to make sure the dyno test was valid and that the numbers were repeated more than once. For what rpm range the original 460 Torker works with its tiny runners, a basic dual plane like a performer or performer rpm would do the job much better. New and Used Car and Truck Parts and Accessories On Sale Performer Rpm Air-gap Intake Sbf Ford With lightweight 8mm 2. Please note that E-Street cylinder heads are not compatible with Performer RPM camshafts. FORD 289 302 Windsor Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold # ED2121 - $425. My wife is very sensitive to fuel/exhaust smells. now cool is that! now both feature chimed and full vacuum ports for ignition advance, single inlet fuel lines, and they work well with performer rpm, rpm air gap, even torquer two intake manifolds › Cleveland vs. View Cart | My Account. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Malcolm, Jun 2, 2009. Ok, I have another question. This combination boosts torque over a wide rpm range, from idle to 5,500 rpm. 542/563 112lc. It is designed especially for spread-bore carburetors but also works with Edelbrock square-bore carburetor without adapter. Ford Small block and big block engines are allowed the use of a single power adder which is it's edelbrock's performer series 750 cfm square flange with a manual choke. The Performer intake manifolds are  For 4V off-highway, non-EGR applications, use our #8714 spacer. Hooker makes a set of decent full-length headers for the 4. Edelbrock Part # 2121 Performer 289 intake manifold is designed for street 260-289-302 c. 165” intake valves, and 1. In that case, the original Torker wasn't a terrible manifold for the small block chevy (dunno about the big block chev version). The cam was the bottom of the page elgin hydro roller in comp prods, 224/232 . 0/302, 5. 288deg. Has anyone altered this setting, and adjusted it more than that. Keep in mind - the original poster's question was 347 vs. they sport a twozero-90 intake valve, and I was going through some stuff in the basement and found the Edlebrock aluminum intake manifold I have. i compare an edelbrcok vs Weiand intake. If mounting a Holley to that manifold you absolutely need that plate- there will be a huge gap near the secondary side of the carb. I know the K-Motion drop-in option is a K-750. I have tried to make power with them for years on many motors before the RPM came out and you lose power everywhere compared to the RPM, the technology just isnt there. 7 Liters , 249 Horsepower @ 5,000 RPM . The customer is concerned with hood Apr 25, 2015 · Dont make the same mistake i did. these edelbrock performer rpm heads are a direct bolt on for 1961 through 1976 fe's. Watch the video below to see the dyno results for yourself. 7L with 4-barrel square bore Carburetor Mounting with Stock configuration Cylinder Head with Ford Small Block Windsor Engine 1966, Performer® RPM Dual Plane Intake Manifold by Edelbrock®. This patented design greatly improves torque over a wide rpm range, especially off-idle through 5500 rpm. That said and hood clearance permitting, I'll probably get a Performer RPM for my 400/470 build. 600” exhaust valve, and combustion chamber volumes of 58cc or 61cc, and 69cc exhaust ports, AFR’s new 165cc Ford head is perfect for 289 and 302 engines operating from idle to 6000 rpm. These heads will be available both bare and pre-assembled. 700" to get 130# on the seat, whereas the comp spring installs at the original Edelbrock installed height of 1. E-Street cylinder heads feature as-cast ports and are designed for entry-level street performance applications operating in the idle-to-5500 rpm range. Ford V8's without EGR. The complete version will feature 2. Performer manifolds are dual-plane, low-rise intake manifolds with a 180° firing order and patented runner design that you won't find in other brands. Edelbrocks Performer RPM 351W is designed for 1969 and later 351 Windsor Ford V8 high-performance engines with Edelbrock Performer RPM cylinder heads, modified OEM cylinder heads or equivalent. Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake Manifold Professional Products Harmonic Balancer and performance balancer bolt Chrome Front Sump Oil Pan (middle or rear sump add $250) Chrome Valve covers w Breather New Aluminum Timing cover 164 or 157 Tooth Flex Plate (Your Choice) Billet Aluminum Timing Tab Chrome Dipstick (for front sump pans) Manifolds are guaranteed to be free from defects, cracks, stripped threads or excessive milling and/or porting at time of purchase unless defect is discussed prior to purchase. If you get the Edelbrock Performer intake, you'd be best off getting their matching exhaust headers, which are designed to work in the same RPM range. Automobile Parts and Service Toggle navigation Community Chevy Automotive Sales Inc. Performer RPM 302: Designed for 289-302 c. Edelbrock Performer-Plus Camshaft Kits are designed for optimum torque from the low end to midrange. The recommended me to use the performer to make more torque off idle to 3200 RPM vs the RPM given my particular combination. Worth noting is how I think your about out of cam in the same range. If you don't want to block that cutout, use an open-center spacer. Edelbrock's Patented Dual-plane, low-rise design with a 180-degree firing order greatly improves torque over a wide rpm range for excellent throttle response from off-idle through 5500rpm. 7 HP gain > at 5250 RPM. #3 Edelbrock Performer RPM 190cc. Will not fit Boss 302 or 255 c. 00 Sold in Units of For use with any mid-rpm small block application, great for street cars and mild The Edelbrock RPM Performer heads are designed for moderate to high performance GEN III HEMI builds. I have a 289 torker intake manifold and i would like to find specs on power band rpm,carburator cfm,applications etc. We then bolted on a Crosswind intake and it produced 526hp @ 5300rpm and 584 lb ft @ 4100rpm. Edelbrock Performer RPM - SBF 302. This ratio (normally represented by “n”) can be calculated as follows: Ratio “n” = Rod Length ÷ Stroke In order to correctly choose the best intake for your application, we need to understand your engine combination and rules. Small Block V8 (221, 260, 289, 5. They also weigh less. The open air space from the Air-Gap design separates the runners from the heat of the lifter-valley cover. Holley 4160 -600 cfm vac secondary carb timing chain double row (crane i believe) Accel electronic ignition upgrade ($65 from auto zone) oem fuel pump oem water pump + misc stuff. If these manifolds are too tall to fit under your hood, you may use the Edelbrock Torker II manifold (#5021 or #5081). The Great FE Intake Comparo is the result of four years of dyno testing, where nearly forty different intake manifold types were evaluated on six different engines, ranging in power from 350 to 675 horsepower. 5" primary, 3" collector. I would put a carb spacer on the intake and try it before buying one,,,,, If I was to buy one this would be the one of the Edelbrock 7521 - Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap Intake Manifolds with a 650 or 750 on it. be interested to know, too. The Edelbrock Performer RPM 302 Intake Manifolds are dual-plane, high-rise intakes with 180 degree firing order to produce incredible top-end horsepower while retaining good throttle response. 50) rear, hard to read the tag. The Performer RPM was topped off with a Barry Grant 650 Speed Demon carburetor. 650” exhaust valves, high lift springs, in addition to the bare Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Edelbrock Performer 289 Ford Intake Manifold - ED2121 at the best online prices at eBay! I have an Edelbrock SP2P manifold. Jun 11, 2010 · One of the requests that we get over and over again is 'More Engine Builds'. Order a Edelbrock 367 HP Performer RPM Top End Engine Kit for your Mustang with a 289/302 Engine from CJ Pony Parts today! Simply add the Edelbrock carburetor best suited for your application and get the "seat-of-the-pants" feel you've been looking for! FordMuscle obtains and flowbench tests just about every small block Ford cylinder head available. Ford Intake Manifolds - Ford 302 Small Block EFI Intake, at GREAT Prices, Selection, Customer Service, and Low Shipping Rates All From COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE Up to 4750 RPM there is > no more than a 4. 4V, 2x4v, 3x2v, Ford Mustang Mercury Tunderbird Galaxie Torino Fairlane Cougar Eliminator Boss Cobra Jet Tunderbolt and Shelby. Connecting Rod vs. 900 intake valves, 1. Jun 02, 2009 · Offenhauser 360 VS. personal the rpm wont lose much if anything on the low end even on a stock motor. Not on a dyno. most Jul 16, 2004 · I would go with the RPM intake, the performer is too close to stock. Edelbrock 7104 Performer RPM Q-Jet Intake Manifold Cast Non-EGR 1500-6500rpm. Compare Ford and Mustang Intake manifold. Performer Series manifolds are dual-plane, low-rise units with a patented runner design that’s intended to be used with Edelbrock’s Performer low-end torque cam kits. They are smooth-idling cams for daily drivers, trucks, vans, RVs, and 4x4s. Joined: Feb 9, 2006 Edelbrock 7521 Performer RPM Airgap Intake Manifold Small Block Ford 289 30. Mar 23, 2008 · Hey I am finishing my rebuild of my 390 fe and its time to choose an intake, its more of a limited street car the cam is a comp cams roller 640 lift and the power band of the cam tells me 2200-6500 I have an unported street dominator and see the article on porting it via google search,I got the edelbrock heads and was wondering if the performer rpm or the ported holley manifold would be better Unlike some aftermarket heads, AFR’s Ford head (CARB EO #250-3) fits all your stock components; no special parts are required! With 1. View and Download Edelbrock 2101 installation instructions online. I also welded the dizzy mechanical adv so that i can limit the mech advance and get a little more initial (per posts here on FABO). The Action-Plus received the benefit of Jim's knowledge about the Performer and then some. Jan 09, 2016 · When he bought the car, it came complete with a ready-to-run MSD distributor and Quickfuel Slayer carb mounted on an Edelbrock Performer RPM manifold. Holley HI-RAM 95MM Side Mount Plenum Top - Black. 79. Has a 1500-6500 rpm power band. Ever so slightly higher spring rate than the comp spring but installs at 1. 600" exhaust valves, combustion chamber volumes of 58cc or 72cc, and 70cc exhaust ports, AFR´s new 185cc Ford cylinder heads are designed for 302-351 cid engines operating from 1500 rpm to 6500 rpm. a Performer intake is advertised from idle to 5500 RPMS for example, if you put it on a small motor like a 283 or 289itll make power well past 5500. 00. I just bought Summit's own house brand 'Stage 2' which is a close copy of the Performer RPM, but also has a rear coolant crossover (and more bungs for temp senders, etc). View online or download Edelbrock Performer 1406 Owner's Manual, Installation Instructions High Performance PCV Valve Shootout – Flow Test Results M/E Wagner recently developed a data acquisition system that logs realtime crankcase pressure measurements, enabling us to do a side by side comparison of several PCV valves. A 3/4" thick head deck makes the AFR head ideal for nitrous or blower applications. ) or modern part number (“2101”, etc. Would a 750 vacuum secondary be a little more friendly to her at idle and normal driving RPM's? I was hoping not to sacrifice too much performance. Description: Hyd. The Performer RPM manifoldis Locate Chevy 283 Intake Manifold on sale below with the biggest option of Chevy 283 Intake Manifold anywhere online. Air Gap Intake Nascar Cup C3 used by Yates, obtained from them (RYR). Feb 09, 2016 · the edelbrock rpm is the better intake for flow. Great intake. I thought that was just a chevy feature. They ran each cam with a Performer, a Performer RPM, and a Vic Jr, with a Demon 650. Air Gap is rated to higher RPM, but hard to see much physical difference between . It's a different story in a 265, 283, 305, and maybe even a 327. Since the 260/289 NEW FORD EDLEBROCK Victor 351W SBF Aluminum Air Gap Intake Nascar C3 RYR Yates - $349. PERFORMER RPM CLEVOR FEATURES: Direct bolt-on for Windsor blocks including the 289-302 and 351W, allowing the creation of "Mock Boss" 302 or 351 "Clevor" Ford engines; Features the desirable Boss 302 adjustable 7/16" stud and guideplate configuration; Match with Edelbrock Performer RPM E-Boss manifolds for PERFORMER RPM™ CYLINDER HEADS. Condition is excellent, I don’t think this war ever used! 324088546390 The Edelbrock #5025 E-Street Aluminum cylinder heads are designed for Ford 289-351 W V8 applications. Nov 05, 2010 · let me me give you my details. Jan 07, 2007 · The Performer 289 and Action Plus have smaller intake runners that will better match the smaller intake ports of the stock heads, and help keep velocity up which is what you need. I don't know why they didn't just reissue them in place of the regular Performer (or would they just be too close to the Performer RPM in performance?). Have a fairly stock 351C with Holley 650 Double pumper. 442 Int/Exh. Do any of these mild mods warrant a deviation from the factory spec timing Even though the RPM Air Gap is a dual-plane intake manifold, a divided spacer can cause some power loses because the divider will cover the cutout in the plenum wall. long tubes headers not stock). The "notch" on the Performer RPM intake manifold septum, (divider), makes this spacer less effective but, it was still the best performing one on that street truck. Dur. Shop Edelbrock Ford Small Block V8 Intake Manifolds and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. With 365HP & 370TQ out of just 302ci this engine will have a noticeable idle, and work with power brakes. 4:11 gears dual exhaust in a stock weight 85 gt. Import Engines - American engines or domestically manufactured, meant for . I believe that you should fit a 600cfm carb with the Ford 289, but I've just watched an Edelbrock presentation on YouTube and the fella says that anything under a 350 should be fitted with a 500cfm. Mar 15, 2013 · First of all, the #1406 is not recommended for the following intake manifolds: Performer RPM, Performer RPM Air-Gap or TORKER/TORKER ll. performer 289 vs performer rpm

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