Is the movie a girl like her on Netflix?

yiuzha October 9, 2021

Is the movie a girl like her on Netflix?
No more offered to stream on Netflix United States Attempt trying to find ‘A Girl Like Her‘ on (paid web link).

Hereof, does Hulu have a girl like her?

See A Girl Like Her online. Can you stream the Dramatization movie A Girl Like Her, guided by Amy S. Weber & & starring Amy S. Weber, Seeker King, Jimmy Bennett & & Lexi Ainsworth on Netflix, Hulu or Prime?

Ultimately, concern is, does Jessica Burns pass away in the movie a girl like her? Jessica Burns (Lexi Ainsworth), a student in secondary school, tries self-destruction by taking a handful of tablets from her mom’s medication cupboard.

Concerning this, exists a follow up to a girl like her?

A Girl Like Her 2 – The Return of Jessica (1.0) – Wattpad.

What is the movie a girl like her concerning?

A teen (Lexi Ainsworth) asks her friend (Jimmy Bennett) to aid verify that a person of their institution’s most stunning as well as prominent pupils (Seeker King) has actually covertly been harassing her for the previous year.

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Where was a girl like her shot?

City Detroit filmmaker Amy S. Weber fired “A Girl Like Her” (initially called “The Bully Chronicles”) in 2012 in city Detroit, with Birmingham’s Seaholm Secondary school working as a major place.

That is Avery Keller in reality?

Seeker King A Girl Like Her

What did Jessica Burns overdose on?

Avery assumed she was simply “kidding” with Jessica, however Jessica took these words seriously. It had not been till Jessica tried self-destruction by taking an overdose of tablets as well as came under a coma that her institution awakened to truth that harassing was happening.

That is Jessica Burns in reality?

Lexi Ainsworth A Girl Like Her

Is Jessica Burns a real tale?

Century Folsom 14 Movie Theaters is doing a unique sneak peek testing of “A Girl Like Her”, a imaginary movie proving the covert video camera accounts of Jessica Burns, a secondary school girl being harassed by previous pal, Avery Kelly. The caption of the movie states “Based on a million real tales,” among them striking near house.