Will there be another Big Momma movie?

yiuzha October 7, 2021

Will there be another Big Momma film?
Currently Range reports that Fox is creating a 3rd film in the “Big Momma’s Residence” collection. Once again, there’s no word on Lawrence’s participation, yet considered that his last 2 films were just moderate successes, it’s most likely that he’ ll return.

Here, the number of Big Momma films are there?

Ticket office

Movie Launch day Ticket office profits
Big Momma’s Residence June 2, 2000 $ 117,559,438
Big Momma’s Residence 2 January 27, 2006 $ 70,165,972
Big Mommas: Like Papa, Like Boy February 18, 2011 $ 37,043,617

In A Similar Way, is there a Big Momma 3? Big Moms: Like Papa, Like Boy (additionally called Big Momma’s Residence 3 or Big Momma 3) is a 2011 American activity funny movie and also the 3rd and also last installation in the Big Momma trilogy, which is a follow up to 2000’s Big Momma’s Residence and also 2006’s Big Momma’s Residence 2.

One may additionally ask, that is the actual Big Momma?

Malcolm Turner Malcolm Turner is the titular lead character of the Big Momma’s Residence movie collection. He is represented by Martin Lawrence

Is Big Momma on Netflix?

Sorry, Big Momma’s Residence is not readily available on American Netflix, yet you can open it now in the U.S.A. and also begin viewing! With a couple of basic actions you can alter your Netflix area to a nation like Argentina and also begin viewing Argentine Netflix, that includes Big Momma’s Residence.

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What is Big Momma’s name in the film?


Cast review, initial billed just:
Martin Lawrence Malcolm Turner
Anthony Anderson Nolan
Ella Mitchell Hattie Mae Pierce (Big Momma)
Carl Wright Ben Rawley

Where was Big Momma Like Papa Like Boy recorded?

With movies being made at Arbor Location Shopping Center such as Big Momma 3: Like Papa, Like Boy, in addition to prominent tv programs like MTV’s Searching for Carter, West Atlanta’s greatest interior local shopping mall is not simply a wonderful area to find in between film path places, it in fact IS a wonderful film path area!

That plays Haley in Big Momma’s Residence?

Cast (in credit histories order) total, waiting for confirmation

Martin Lawrence Malcolm/ Big Momma
Brandon T. Jackson Trent/ Charmaine
Jessica Lucas Haley
Michelle Ang Mia
Portia Doubleday Jasmine

That composed Big Momma’s Residence?

Darryl Quarles Don Rhymer

That is Martin Lawrence papa?

John Lawrence.

Just how much is Martin Lawrence Well Worth?

Since this writing, Martin Lawrence has a total assets of $ 110 million, according to Celeb Total assets approximates. A big component of his wide range is from film profits. Lawrence was paid $6 million for his look in “Poor Kids permanently,” reports Range. Will Smith made a tremendous $17 million for the movie.

What network is Big Mother on?

Big Momma’s Residence 2 – Network 5.

Does Martin Lawrence have a kid?

Martin Lawrence
Partner Patricia Southall (m. 1995; div. 1997) Shamicka Gibbs (m. 2010; div. 2012)
Youngsters 3
Significant jobs and also functions Martin Payne on Martin Marcus Burnett in the Bad Boys franchise business Malcolm Turner/ Big Momma in the Big Momma’s Residence franchise business

When did Big Momma’s Residence Like papa like boy appeared?

The movie stars Martin Lawrence repeating his duty as Malcolm Turner. Nonetheless, Jascha Washington decreased to repeat his duty as Trent, so he was changed by Brandon T. Jackson. The movie was launched on February 18, 2011

Is Big Momma’s Residence 2 on Netflix?

Big Momma’s Residence 2 (2006) on Netflix An FBI representative repeats his camouflage as an overweight old woman and also takes a work as a baby-sitter in a criminal activity suspect’s home